RIMU as your partner plans with you the exhaust air purification at your new building.

We show you various installation options, so that the exhaust air cleaning can be tailored to your new construction!


Our strengths


Tested with appraisals for Filtererlass Lower Saxony II


  • Certified according to DLG guidelines →DLG sign test
  • Installation of fans in pressure or suction mode possible
  • Compact design
    • At the gable
    • in the attic
  • Low water supply →low additional static weights
  • Flexible installation of our technology in
    • Concrete housing
    • Plastic housing
    • Concrete tub with wooden frame construction according to our specifications
  • Control of the system conveniently from your office, including Internet connection


Neubau einer RIMU-Abluftreinigungsanlage als Dachzwischeneinbau