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In the stalls, large amounts of ammonia are released.

Ammonia is separated by at least 70% through our exhaust air systems. We achieve ammonia separation rates of 88% and higher.

In addition, our facilities are designed to absorb total dust to an average of 81% and odour to an average of 123 GE/M3 (smelling units)


PM 2,5 -> 93%

PM 10  -> 80%



N-Lock has washed itself!

A stable pH ensures the highest possible cleaning performance of a biological waste air purification system. With N-Lock you keep the pH of your system in the optimum range. PH value reductions below target are minimized and efficient separation (ammonia and odor reduction) is guaranteed.



DIN 18910


DIN 18910 applies to the planning of closed, thermally insulated stables where the air exchange is preferably carried out by fans (forced ventilation). Calculations for determining the air mass flow in winter and summer as well as the thermal insulation of the components of the house are made on the basis of water vapor, carbon dioxide and heat flow balances. It contains instructions for dimensioning the moisture protection of the enclosing components.