Our exhaust air purification technology can be installed in various housings.


Installation in concrete housing

  • Especially for large stables with more than 1,500 mast places, there is a concrete housing that can be installed in the attic's attic. It also mandatory fire walls can be integrated into the concept. Our project planning works closely with the contractors to ensure a smooth construction process. We can name partners with whom we have worked successfully for some time. Only an optimal execution of the concrete work then results in a durable product without cracks and leaks.


Plastic housing

  • For smaller projects up to 1,500 mast places, we recommend our plastic housing with standardized width of 2.40 m for the printing operation and 2.10 m for the suction operation. The housing consists of two superimposed modules, which are connected at the construction site via watertight screw connections. No welding work must be carried out on site so that the housing is perfectly sealed.


Lower house made of concrete, superstructure with wooden frame and paneling with PVC boards from the inside

RIMU-Abluftreinigungsanlage als Gibelanbau in Betongehäuse